Finding the Me in Mommy

I’m running an inadvertant nudist colony.

on February 10, 2012

Well, that sounds worse than it really is.

I swear, I pick out adorable clothes for my boys.  And I’m careful to choose things I know they like (well, the little one just gets what I like.)  So, my oldest gets Transformers, Batman and all that other boy stuff.  Occasionally, I can still talk him into Mickey Mouse.   He is so excited to wear them and shows everyone the Cricket or Grasshopper (yes, I know it’s really Bumblebee) or whatever on his shirt.

But the minute we get home, one of the first things out of his mouth is “Mommy, can I be nakey-legged?”  And pretty soon that’s followed up by “How ’bout nakey-shirted?”  So the cute clothes end up in the laundry, and my undie-clad exhibitionist runs around the house absolutely thrilled with his lack of clothing.

And then there’s the baby.  I’m blessed with a happy, smiley baby.  But I get the biggest, happiest smiles and full-on giggles when this kid is wearing a diaper or less.

I don’t get it.  I’m sure I did this as a kid, but now I would be mortified if someone told me I couldn’t wear my clothes.  Even if I had a body like Giselle, I wouldn’t be comfortable running around in my skivvies.  Okay, well, maybe if I had a body like Giselle.  But instead I have two kids.

Does every kid do this?  Or should I put a “Beware of Nakeyness” sign on my door?

3 responses to “I’m running an inadvertant nudist colony.

  1. Janet says:

    I’m told that when I was three or four, I used to run around the front yard, but now that I’m sixty-three or -four, I don’t seem to be doing that any more. 🙂 And can’t really understand the reasons to do it any more, either. So I’d bet he’s running around basically because it feels good to do that, and doesn’t yet have the socialization patterns to make it seem like a bad idea. Are you worried that he will do it in embarrassing circumstances, or is it just an idle wonder?

  2. Oh, just an idle wonder. Kids = embarrassment, right? He pretty much restricts it to home, but even if he didn’t I don’t think it would embarrass me. My embarrassment factor pretty much flew out the window with pregnancy and childbirth.

  3. Janet says:

    Well, still, it’s interesting to see bits of the world through the eyes of kids. You can get a glimpse of who you once were and what things influenced you to become who you are now, and you can get a sense of what life is like for that particular child. Thinking about this makes me remember how awesome it was in the late spring or early summer when it finally got warm enough to walk outside with bare feet. The feel of grass underfoot was always just amazing. i think about it now and wonder if it really pulls up some kind of ancient human instinct inside a person — the kind of thing that makes you go “I know how to do this — I know exactly how to do this.” So maybe your son is practicing a bit of stone age hunting instinct. (Which couldn’t hurt, right?)

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